Highest hopes #wcch


It has been a while since I set down and wrote my last blog post. I don’t know what I was waiting for, or why I stopped, but now I feel like I want to write something big and meaningful .


WordCamp Switzerland 2014


Right now we are sitting in Starbucks in Zurich, as we are taking a quick break on walking and getting to know Zurich a bit better. And, yes, when I say we, I mean Gavrisimo and myself, a friend of mine from Serbia, that I used to work with in Razor Communications.


One of the reasons why I am visiting Switzerland is the WordCamp Switzerland 2014 #wcch. From day one it was announced as English speaking WordCamp and as soon as they got the tickets ready for sale, I was the one among the attendees. Another reason why I am here is the huge respect that I have for Noel Tock, the story behind and huge success of Human Made.


All in all, I think that WordCamp Switzerland 2014 #wcch will be huge success and I am really looking forward to it. I wish all of the attendees a great time.


Lots of faces I know and friends that I am really looking forward to see again is on this attendees list. Can’t wait to share the news about me starting WordPress Community Serbia and Meetups there.