WordCamp Split 2016 #WCHR


Last weekend I was fortunate enough to attend and give a talk at WordCamp Split. WordPress in Croatia is unique, with WordPress meetups in four or five cities across Croatia, WordPress community can enjoy different Croatian city every year. The city of Split was the host this year.

Everything started on Friday, September the 2nd  and the WordPress workshops. Aleksandar Savkovic gave knowledgeable Workshop titled “Is your product easy to use and why it isn’t“.

WordCamp Split 2016
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On politics and our journey to Split

It will be awesome if there are no politicians, like, from this point on. I think this weekend are the elections in Croatia, and politicians are firing and backfiring on the Croatia – Serbia line. In the last a couple of months you could hear a lot of crap coming from the politicians on both sides, but, as I said and gonna repeat: “War ended 21 years ago, get the fuck over it!”.

Everyone was super welcoming and polite, and that is what I was expecting before our journey there. Driving to Split, leaving my car in the parking lot and not worrying about it is something that I got used. I felt safe in Croatia. I felt safe in Split. Same goes for everyone from Serbia that was attending.


Back to WordCamp Split

People in these part of the World are really into the community and being a part of something this great is a big plus for them. You can see that on their faces.

I gave a talk on how easy it is to join Theme Review Team and what are the benefits of contributing back to WordPress.

Here is the link to the slides: http://slides.com/lanche86/wchr2016/

Key takeaways:

  1. Contributing costs, but, you will learn a lot
  2. Every contribution counts
  3. Start with: make.wordpress.org/themes
  4. Theme Review Team could use your help
  5. Weekly TRT meetings are a great way to get involved
  6. Check out VVV and VV
WordCamp Split 2016
Visit for more: https://www.facebook.com/WordCampCroatia/photos

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